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bursts of anger after divorce

Bursts of Anger After Divorce In Men – How To Deal With Rage

Bursts of anger after divorce are quite common for some men. For them the divorce has released a bubbling rage that can boil over at any point into an outpouring of angry outbursts, seething resentment, and sometimes outright hatred toward their ex-wife (or family, friends, lawyers, or even themself …) Some might think this is normal to be this angry after an earth shattering divorce, but angry outbursts and uncontrolled rage are a recipe for disaster and have led too…

Are Men Happier After Divorce?

I was talking to a friend of mine the other day who was a keen ‘people watcher’ as he calls it and he asked me “are men happier after divorce than women?”. He was confused as I seemed happy and well adjusted (now), while he knew another guy who was a total mess and lost his job recently and he had been divorced for 2 years! He of course had seen a number of divorced women in various states and was just not sure who was better off in terms of happiness at least.

Effects of Divorce on Men

Effects of Divorce on Men

The effects of divorce on men have been well documented, but strangely not advertised anyway near as much as the effects on women. Women of course struggle and go through many of the same problems men go through and many different problems as well, but the toll on a mans emotional health is not as well known.

Welcome to Men’s After Divorce Advice

Welcome to Men’s After Divorce Advice

If you have come here because your life looks like total shit because of your divorce then I hope to have some more posts up soon to give you some idea of what I went through and how I managed to crawl out of the hole that it puts you in.

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