Men and Money and Divorce – Dangerous Ground

Money after divorceMen and money and divorce are a breeding ground of resentment, anger, and often self destruction as we focus on this one aspect of splitting from our wife. The problem is, that this should NOT be your focus if you ever want to recover form the divorce and move on with your life. In fact, it hinders your ability to create more wealth as well as happiness the more this thorn sticks into your side!

Money, as they say, is the root of all evil. Women and lawyers some men right after divorce might argue are higher than money on the scale of evil though (ok i agree with the lawyer bit … ;)). Focusing on money after divorce is a sure fire way to bring out the ugly side not only in yourself, but in your ex-wife, your children, your friends and your family. While it is not easy to take a divorce and the monetary consequences gracefully there are more important aspects of becoming suddenly single such as your emotional health and your children for a start.

The benefits of moving monetary troubles to the backburner are significant. You can become a calmer person more able to deal with your emotional turmoil, you will be a better father if you have children, you will have a less dramatic divorce, you will quickly get into a better position to make more money, and many other positive consequences.

So if you are feeling the money problems biting deep and being intrusive in all parts of your post-divorce life take these few tips.

  • Resentment over money only leads to bitterness and a focus on the money lost instead of new opportunities
  • Money does not make you a better person or a better father
  • Money cannot be taken to the grave, but the relationships you have influence everyone around you even beyond your death.
  • Happiness cannot be bought, you have the power to be happy and content no matter how much cash you have.
  • Being calm and fair with money in a divorce will lead to better outcomes for yourself in the future if not immediately … and you MUST be thinking about the future not what you have lost!


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