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Men After Divorce E-Book Review

There is a great untold story of hardship that is the life of a man after a painful divorce. We so often hear the stories of women who have struggled and overcome, and as such we have enormous amounts of resources to help women cope. This of course is great as we all need a little help, but what of the help for men? The answer is that there is precious little help for men because they so often don’t…


Sticky: Struggling & Need Some Divorce Advice Guys?

If so, I am glad you found my little website as I have been through the same thing and want to help if I can because I hate seeing so little support for men recovering from divorce. The terrible loss of masculinity of purpose, of love and support; divorce really hits a man hard and it is rarely acknowledged so this site with divorce advice for men is my way of helping. That is why I made this site –…

Moving on From Divorce For Men

Moving on From Martial Separation and Divorce

Moving on from marital separation and divorce is a long and rocky road full of trials, tribulations but you can emerge triumphant! For some guys it is the thought of all those bumps and bruises along the way that depresses them, and for others it is worse because they cannot even see that vision of a triumphant future and fall into depression and just … give up. Which One Are You? Well, if you are the latter then I can…


Divorce Help and Advice For Men Feeling Overwhelmed

I woke up feeling like shit. The taste of last nights alcohol still on my tongue. Not that I enjoyed the drinking, but it was easier than sitting alone with my thoughts – drinking seemed like divorce help that at least worked in the short term but I knew it was very bad for me too. It was late, I forgot to set the alarm, I knew I was going to be late for work but it hardly seemed to…

bursts of anger after divorce

Bursts of Anger After Divorce In Men – How To Deal With Rage

Bursts of anger after divorce are quite common for some men. For them the divorce has released a bubbling rage that can boil over at any point into an outpouring of angry outbursts, seething resentment, and sometimes outright hatred toward their ex-wife (or family, friends, lawyers, or even themself …) Some might think this is normal to be this angry after an earth shattering divorce, but angry outbursts and uncontrolled rage are a recipe for disaster and have led too…

steps to divorce recovery for men

5 Steps to Divorce Recovery For Men

There is no such thing as a single cure all technique or step to divorce recovery for men. A man’s mind and emotions cannot be controlled at the flick of a switch as much as many women might think it can be. Men are just as emotional and vulnerable to the ravages of a post divorce life as any woman. In fact, many guys end up worse off psychologically with a huge increase in male suicide after divorce compared to…


How to Forget Your Ex Wife

In my previous post I explained a little about how the mind and memories work, but did not get a chance to explain a little more about how to forget your ex wife. To be more explicit though, how to stop those painful ex-wife memories from hindering your post divorce recovery effort! This is because memories are never really forgotten, but the intensity of those memories, and the ease of them coming back to you when you feel vulnerable can…

why can't i forget my ex wife

Why Can’t I Forget my Ex Wife?

After divorce many men have the same recurring thought – “Why can’t I forget my ex wife?”Whether the thoughts of your ex wife are good, bad, or mixed; the shadow of your former lover, friend and partner can stay with a man for a long time haunting him well beyond what seems reasonable. While some guy can flick a switch in their minds and forget their ex wife, I have found most men do not have this ability and are…


Important Divorce Advice for Men

Divorce advice for men comes in many various different forms. I find that frequently the advice for men going through divorce is all about how to WIN a divorce in fact. Now I have a small problem with this in that no one really wins in a divorce, everyone loses something – but you can turn it into a spiritual and emotional gain in time as well. The focus on winning a divorce however is just unhealthy when it is…


Are Men Happier After Divorce?

I was talking to a friend of mine the other day who was a keen ‘people watcher’ as he calls it and he asked me “are men happier after divorce than women?”. He was confused as I seemed happy and well adjusted (now), while he knew another guy who was a total mess and lost his job recently and he had been divorced for 2 years! He of course had seen a number of divorced women in various states and was just not sure who was better off in terms of happiness at least.

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